Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DRO-350 Enclosure Top Finished

Bed time now, so just a few pics tonight:

On the mill, drilling finished and before deburring

Another view while still mounted on the mill

Deburred and completed

I had also test-fit the PCB in the top portion of the enclosure and what do you know-it fits like a glove!  I didn't snap any pics of that yet though-I need to finish the bottom or rear portion, tap a few of the stand-off holes, shorten the stand-offs, and install the connectors into the rear cover.  To power the 3V large scale I'm sure I'll have to add at least two additional voltage regulators, but I could always just leave the battery in it.  There is a possibility that the 1.5V internal jumper-selectable scale power regulator will power the large scale, so I may try that first before anything else.  It doesn't really look like there's going to be much room in the enclosure after it's completely assembled to fit an additional power regulator PCB (or even a small fabricated perf-board regulator board), so I really need to finish the the enclosure's rear panel to test-fit all the components first anyway.  I hope to finish the rear section in the next day or two, so I'll post more pics and add another update as soon as that's finished.

Progress is good!  I can't wait to use this DRO...

Until next time...

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