Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DRO-350 PCB Completed

Well, almost-I still need to program the .hex file to the processor (which I'll probably just pop it back out of it's machine-pin socket and program it with my MELabs PIC programmer instead of probing the ICSP leads on the DRO: I can't seem to find the schematic now), but all soldering on the board is completed.  I started dressing the wiring too, but I believe I'm going to to find three sets of both male and female XLR microphone/audio style connectors or another kind more sturdy and reliable than the mini-DIN connectors recommended.

There's a few pics of the as of yet untouched enclosure below, too.  Nothing fancy here-just some simple center drilling, drilling, and profiling/contouring on the Taig.  The enclosure is ABS plastic, and I don't have any experience milling that stuff yet so I'll try to take a few test cuts inside the display boxes with the 1/8" end mill I'll use for the corner radii in the display cut-outs.  I need to remember to stop by Radio Shack on my way back to the house tomorrow to get the new scale cable connectors...

I just mounted the enclosure to the mill a few minutes ago, so no more progress tonight.  I'm up past my bedtime!

I'll try to have more pics and info up tomorrow, but it may be Thursday before I update this again.  My son's been wanting to shoot our pellet guns again and since I didn't get the chance to take him this past weekend I'm planning on spending most of my evening with him.  I'll get started on the enclosure Thursday evening if I don't get the chance after take him back home...

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