Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Quick Introduction

I'm on some pretty serious time constraints here, but I'd promised a large number of individuals that I would create a website to cover the progress on the modifications made to my machine tools. 

I'm getting OLD (I'll be 31 this coming January), but considered young within the groups I am most associated with.  Five semesters ago, I decided to return to school in pursuit of a degree but ended up changing majors and started taking classes in the same community college's Machine Tool program.  Though I didn't realize it until after I had started it, being a machinist is truly a culmination of my life's efforts.  I had finally discovered the definitive me.

As a demanding person, I'm naturally conservative, insistent, and anal.  Owning machines that meet or exceed my expectations is imperative; finding intellectuals that do locally is impossible, and I'm highly prejudiced against those with the inablilty to see outside their own "box," those with less than adequate intelligence, and the idiots that lack the self-improvement gene.  Not knowing can be overcome; not trying to learn is inexcusable.

Thus ends this night's incessant ranting.  More thoughts and info that cover the progress on my first major machine tool series of upgrades (modifications to my Taig 2019ER-CR mill, used manually with hand cranks for now) and the idiotic individuals that I endure for unknow reasons on an almost daily basis are soon to come...


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