Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No Novel-Mostly Pics, Temporary Taig Tear-Down & Way Wiper/Way Cover Material

It's late and I didn't get as much accomplished tonight as I would have liked to.  My Shumatech DRO-350's PCB final soldering is again held off for at least another night, but I did manage to get the machines and the main workbench cleaned off!  I figured if I were going to be snapping a few pics, I'd might as well stick to the "anal" theme and start being pickier about the pile of swarf around each machine.  That was one area where I haven't been anal at all about here at the house, but it started to bug me because I felt like a hypocrite telling the world via this blog that I'm basically obsessive and compulsive about my work and precision, etc...

Then show off pics of the messiest workroom many have ever seen.

Well, that's better now:

It's too late for any real detail tonight, so you'll have to make due with the info in the title if you catch this before I get the chance to edit it.  This tear-down should be temporary-I've got a few variables to play with to record baseline measurements and references before any of the new (and yet to be made!) parts get installed.  I also have to figure out scale mounting for the Z axis while working around some components to be built from items in these pics, too; I've had plenty of ideas but nothing seems to fit perfectly yet.

Anyway, details will come as they can...

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