Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Progress on the Boring Head

I'm trying to finish up this boring head as soon as possible because I'll need it for several of my next projects.  The one little problem I've run into now is that I'm going to have to build a rotary broach holder to make the 6-40 SHCS for the boring head's leadscrew.  I know I won't really need to build the rotary broach holder because I could always modify an existing SHCS to fit, but I'm slightly altering these prints a bit and I'd rather not have to Loctite or silver solder the graduated dial to the head of the leadscrew; I'd prefer to build it as a single piece.

The rotary broach holder shouldn't be too hard to make, I've drawn up a page or two of ideas on it and have researched enough info on the web to know the critical dimensions I need.  I found a quality 0.140" hex broach made by Slater on Ebay for about $25 a couple months ago, so I bought it with the intention of using it to create the internal hex in the boring head's leadscrew.  With a bit of time setting up and the right tool steel, building any kind of simple geometric rotary broach should be fairly easy for use in the typical home shop.  I'll try to cover those things when I get there; Dean Williams (see the link in the previous post) covers building this boring head and hosts the prints on his website, so I figured that anybody interested in building one of these could follow his footsteps.  I don't have time to cover all the little details of this project anyway.

Here's some pics:

A bit grainy-sorry, I just couldn't seem to get good lighting for these.

More to come soon...

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